So, your heading up north to Burleigh Heads, checking out some winter sun, and wondering if this is the moment you’ll surrender to that dream of standing on a board, catching some serious waves at Burleigh Beach

With a little preparation, some local knowledge, you will be riding those waves at Burleigh to your hearts content.

Start with essentials.

Location, location. Burleigh Heads, sits comfortably between Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta. Taking in the Burleigh Head National Park and The Esplande (where a lot of the surf action takes place), Burleigh Heads has an informal and relaxed beach atmosphere, with a big reputation for catching sweet waves. Don’t be intimidated, beginners can surf here too. Burleigh beach can provide you with the perfect base to begin unpacking that surfing dream.

Learn to swim first

Now this may seem obvious, but it has to be said, you need to know how to swim before you hit any waves with a board! Even as a beginner, feeling confident in water, is paramount. Surfing is all about the challenge and energy of facing those waves, riding them, and you coming out the victor, more often than not.

give some thought to your personal surf gear.

Sure, if your at Burleigh for the day, your swimmers, shorts and a t-shirt can get you over the line. But any longer, you’ll need to seriously think about purchasing some ‘basic’ surf gear that will provide you with protection from sunburn while giving you maximum movement when you paddle out.

Hot Stuff Surfboards is a great place to start, one of the original (since 1975), and authentic, surfing. In mild weather, you should only need a Rash vest (short or long sleeve) and a pair of boardies, or if you prefer something a little more fitted, some Reef shorts or Wetsuit pants.

For those cooler moments you can check out the range of steamers (short or long) which provide that extra bit of body protection and warmth, but allow maximum movement. SurfStitch is a great option to get really affordable surf gear with great specials and return policy.

Think about having one or two surf lessons

Build your knowledge and confidence and get those energy vibes happening. Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School on the corner of Esplande and Gold Coast Highway was established in 1998 and is a great place to book your easy, fun, and educational first lesson. You can choose either a group or private instruction, with the school specialising in one-on-one lessons. You will be inducted and taken through some important aspects of surfing such as ocean knowledge, natural fears of deep water, how to develop your confidence and, of course, surfing techniques.

Burleigh really isn’t just for the pro’s. Grab a board, get some lessons and get wet.