Packing for a trip is can be tricky, especially if you’re not sure what kind of weather to expect at your destination. Let’s help you pack for your Gold Coast holiday! Read on to learn what weather to expect in Queensland each season of the year.

Summer (December – February)

If you’re going on a Gold Coast holiday over the summer months, you can expect average temperatures to be in the 20℃. The summer is the wettest season of the year for Queensland, so expect some rain and humidity.

Make sure you pack:

  • An umbrella or lightweight raincoat
  • Extra bug repellent
  • Clothing made of cotton, linen or other breathable fabrics

Autumn (March – May)

Temperatures usually fall between 16-26 degrees Celcius during autumn, making it the perfect time for al fresco dinners and boat trips.

Make sure you pack:

  • A light jacket for evenings
  • Fishing poles or other outdoor activity supplies

Winter (June – August)

This is the driest season of the year, as well as one of the sunniest, with temperatures averaging from 11-21 degrees Celcius. Expect to see lots of Aussies on holiday in Queensland during the winter!

Make sure you pack:

  • A good jacket
  • Long pants for cold nights
  • A hat
  • Moisturising products (lotion, lip balm, conditioner, etc)

Spring (September – November)

The spring season has a similar temperature range to Autumn but this time of year can be windy – great for outdoor pursuits like sailing, kite boarding and windsurfing!

Make sure you pack:

  • A light jacket for cooler days and evenings
  • Your outdoor activity gear e.g kite
  • A hat or hair ties to tame your windblown hair
  • Shorts to wear under flowing dresses or skirts

As always, it’s best to pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a swimsuit no matter what time of year you’re visiting the Gold Coast. If you’re planning on taking a trip to The Gold Coast Hinterland, prep for cooler weather and bring some comfortable shoes for trekking through vast national parks.